Sunday, April 13, 2014


Listen to the crowds!  Hear them as they gather along the route that the donkey travelled!  Join them in their cries...

Enter in with triumph,
the Victor to arrive!
In His His arms
be treasure, so alive!
In His very Blood to be
what no one may provide!
Behold the entrance of The Victor,
on an ass to ride!

The Victor, He is Jesus!
One and Only King!
Even if the crowd be mute,
the very rocks would sing!
He is Jesus--Son of God,
God the very Son!
And in the days that are He'll do
what no one else has done!

Jesus, Jesus--Lord triumphant!
Celebrate him now!
He is Life and Life forever-
seal with Him your vow!
There is not another Lord,
no man, no other name!
Join the crowds as He approaches,
render due acclaim!!


The crowds cry out even today.  But it must also be a personal cry.  It is easy to join in the excitement of the moment, but it is essential to realize that same emotion on a personal level.
Make Him Lord of your salvation today!

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