Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week

The week is quiet.
There is plenty of news, but it is quite disheartening.
One Who had promised to deliver is now being delivered to authorities.  In fact, He made quite a few we question their merit now?
He did so many miraculous things while He was here in our seems impossible that death could come upon Him!!
That death could come upon Him...
That death could come upon Him...

Jesus, Jesus--so alive
with living while around...
Were we all not affected by
His life...His touch...His sound?
And now we have Him motionless,
lying in the ground?
What about those words He used?
Is virtue yet not found?

"JESUS, JESUS!!"  oh the heart
and soul and spirit cry!!
We didn't really think You meant it
when You said You would die!
What have we now to cling to?!
Wherein to base our hope?
Who will help us through oppression,
what will help us cope?!"

oh, but Sunday's on its way!
We have The Hope to which we cling
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Jesus, Jesus, only You
can get us through the days!
You alone, Lord, only You
deserve our heartfelt praise!!"

Hope is alive!  The Hope is Jesus!  You & I know the Answer!  We see our way through the days that are, but there is a whole world out there that only sees bunnies and baskets!
Tell someone about Jesus today...everywhere you go!!

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