Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here we go again...

There is a destination afar, but oh the wonder betwixt!

Early morning on a road

appearing not to end.
Straightaways to go forever...
mountains to ascend...
even valleys where is fruit
and lessons to obtain;
early morning on a road,
and very far from "plain."

Another trip to somewhere
in search of the unknown.
One, however, is aware,
our very souls to own!
He even made the morning
on which we set about;
His evidence is everywhere!
And all of life to shout!

How beautiful the morning...
oh, what shall lie ahead?
But it is in the Father's hand
and, by Him, we are led!
He fabricates the morning
and orders all my route.
Early morning on a road
that He knows all about.

Here we go again.
On the way to another doctor appointment.
No answers in sight...save the assurance of Father God that He is fully aware of what is and what will be.
That's all I need.

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