Monday, April 21, 2014

GOOD Friday!

There are so many things GOOD about today!  The cross is empty, that's Good...

The Cross--what living symbol!
So alive!
Approach it with an open heart
and you will arrive!
Jesus Christ, its former guest,
invites all men to live.
Be alive with Jesus' Blood
and ALL that He can give!

O, the Cross, the living symbol,
know significance!
He took with Him there all the past,
all the relevance,
even all of future did He
satisfy in one--
Jesus Christ, Son of God,
yes, and GOD THE SON!

O The Cross, the mighty Cross!
The Cross of Calvary!
Far more than but a piece of land
attached to history!
No, but History itself-
Jesus, Jesus Christ!
For there, the only One availed,
for ALL was sacrificed!

And He was sacrificed for you!  Yes, YOU!  You need Jesus just as much as I do, and He is available for you, too!  He is ALIVE for you!
Let Him into your heart today.

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