Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Each one of us, whether we like it or not, is following something or someone as we go through this life.  Either now or ago, someone or something has shaped our thinking in such a way that we cling to that as we go through our each day..

What is it I am following?

Who is that ahead?
Who and what will I allow
my living to be led?
Far beyond a number be
that vying for my time;
all the while, would I strive
but higher for to climb.
And, all the while, there be a certain
peace about it all.
At times, I cannot sense it,
or see or hear at all!
Yet He is there, reaching...calling...
cheering us always--
He knows the challenge that exists,
as hectic are the days!

Who is that ahead of me?
I know Him very well!
The attributes that are His own
but surely I can tell.
And He will never get too far
to leave this man behind.
What is it I am following?
The Son of God divine!

It is the prayer of this man that you are following the same One I am!  His Name is Jesus, and there is more than enough room for you...while being room for ONLY you!


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