Friday, April 11, 2014

First notes

Listen...first thing in the morning...join that song!

O the song of morning in the Spring!

How many are the living things that sing?
The melody, the lyric and the word...
once more, celestial harmony occurred!
Above the noises industry creates,
there is a melody that celebrates.
It is a song--a sonnet so alive!
Join the same; with victory arrive!

O song of living sing!
Bear witness of the Spring;
give glory to the King-
Creator God!

The song, the song of morning o so new!
And perfect to accompany the view!
His wonder and His majesty behold
in scenery--so subtle and so bold,
and in the living witnessed to the heart,
in which, very soon, we'll have a part!
O the song of morning in the Spring-
all of life and living for to sing!

Yes, that glorious song of life.  That life come to life as the newness of Spring begins!  We are so blessed!
Enjoy the life anew and give God the praise and thanksgiving that He so rightly deserves as Creator!

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