Saturday, April 5, 2014


That is a violent word.
Like it or not however, it is a very necessary part of our lives.  AND, it is THE most vital part of life in Jesus.  For without His Blood, we would be hopeless...

In the Blood--o the power,
o the healing flow;
blessed be, o blessed be
the restoration know!
He is Jesus--o the life
inside the life He shed!
Only in the Blood so living
His compassion said!

Jesus, Jesus, o the Blood,
the power and the grace!
All sickness and disease-
the Crimson Flow is to efface!
Jesus, Jesus! O the Blood,
the power in the same!
Blessed be the crimson flow!
Blessed be The Name!

The Blood, the Blood...o the Blood-
the terror and the Truth!
Only there to gain new birth:
o, blest eternal youth!
Seek the Blood of Jesus for
your soul, your very own-
only then, the Savior's grace
and glory ever known!!

The Blood of Jesus.  Oh, the Blood.
There is healing in no other.
There is salvation in no other.
Yes, it was a violent way to go, but rather than look upon it as such a wretched end, see it as the beautiful and glorious beginning it IS for all who seek Him!

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