Saturday, April 12, 2014

April afresh!

Stop!  Look around...slowly...take a deep breath...taste it!

Life anew and everywhere-
April afternoon!
The melody amidst the branches,
beautifully a-tune!
Finally is life alive
and celebrations be!
See His glory in creation,
see His Majesty!
Gone, the challenges of winter,
leave it all behind!
Here, the opportunities
of Spring, so rife to find!
See and hear the songs of all
of living celebrate;
sing unto Creator God,
so generous, so great!
Yea, God--so very glorious,
so wonderful, so real!
There is not a thing at all
that living may conceal!
He knows the life of everything
and orders it anew!
So welcome and so glorious
is Springtime come to view!

Springtime come to view...and what a glorious sight!  Give God the glory!  CREATOR God!  He is so generous, so artistic!  NOTICE Him as you get out into Spring!

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