Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anytown, U.S.A.

Open the door.  Look up and down the streets...who are THOSE people?!

Thank You for this city, Father,
thank You for this street;
thank You for these people I am
hesitant to meet.
They are so very beautiful,
You show me with Your eyes;
but God, that blest acquaintance, I
am slow to realize!
They're made, Lord, in Your image,
and I love You so much!
I am directed to reach out,
but I have yet to touch.
What's wrong with me?  Do I really
have You deep inside,
or Father, have I buried You
beneath the fear and pride?

What a blessed city, Lord,
how beautiful, the street!
I WILL heed the Call, my Lord,
my neighborhood to meet!
O God, be so inside of me
that they desire You
when I shake their hands and give
embrace so overdue!"

"Who is my neighbor?"
That question was given to Jesus so many years ago.
It is the same question that He turns to us and asks as we look out over the streets of this city that He has placed us in.
If you are like me, it gives a whole different perspective to the faces that I come in contact with each day.

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