Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And the seasons change...

Ahhh, spring morning in the Ozarks...

So rapid are the hummingbirds
this morning to debut!!
The nectar that we made for them
has been out for a few;
but the nectar God has made,
so perfect and so sweet
is there for them to dine upon
nutritious and complete!

Darting here and there with speed
that few may comprehend...
challenging the writer's vision
to keep up with them...
stopping for a moment for
that sweet, refreshing sip,
then off they go again at what
would seem like just a 'zip!'

What a scene in the morning
movie He composes!
Each actor stops in mid-air
underneath a tree and poses!
And, once again, the writer sees
what not too many saw:
one of God's most fascinating
breaking settled law!

What a way to start the morning:  watching the return of one of God's wonderful little creations!  Do you have time to look?

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