Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coffee with God

Early again...first thing...but even before I rise there are words on heart, resounding through my spirit:

Good morning, Holy Spirit,
Good morning, God mine all...
Good morning, Christ mine everything,
for I will heed your call!
The day You have created
is glory, through and through!
As I rise, I must sing out
and start it off with You! 

I had to write those down before I forget them!  Now I can get my coffee.
What a blessing it is to serve, to heed, to walk with THE Creator of the universe and more!  How refreshing to know that He is right here with us in ALL that we do and will go through.
Greet Him this morning.  Spend some time with Him and KNOW that He will be with you through your whole day!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And the seasons change...

Ahhh, spring morning in the Ozarks...

So rapid are the hummingbirds
this morning to debut!!
The nectar that we made for them
has been out for a few;
but the nectar God has made,
so perfect and so sweet
is there for them to dine upon
nutritious and complete!

Darting here and there with speed
that few may comprehend...
challenging the writer's vision
to keep up with them...
stopping for a moment for
that sweet, refreshing sip,
then off they go again at what
would seem like just a 'zip!'

What a scene in the morning
movie He composes!
Each actor stops in mid-air
underneath a tree and poses!
And, once again, the writer sees
what not too many saw:
one of God's most fascinating
breaking settled law!

What a way to start the morning:  watching the return of one of God's wonderful little creations!  Do you have time to look?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Last night... I was getting ready for church, I sat in one of the rooms off of the sanctuary admiring the beauty of the storm that was forming.  Glorious cloud formations...incredible lightning...torrents of rain...  and then we had a beautiful service.  God's Presence took us to new places and we were able to address issues that had to be faced.
Even as we came home, I was almost speechless at the beauty and the amount of the lightning!!
And then the news reports started coming in.  For most of the whole state, the storm was not beautiful at all.  It was damaging, devastating and even deadly. 
Should I feel guilty for being inspired by it?
As they started mentioning towns in the paths of the storms, we would realize "That's where ___________________ lives..." "That's where Dr. ______________________ lives..."  'That one is the one that ____________________lives in!"...and on and on.
Please pray for these folks and this area once again.  There are towns that we drive through on our way to the drs. in Little Rock that are no longer towns at all!  There are larger metropolitan areas that have lost 20...30...40% of their area.  There are people that are dear to our hearts in those towns that are definitely affected. 
In spite of all of that, the same God to Whom the storm is attributed is THE God that can heal and repair as we turn to Him.  Please join me in prayer for those states, cities and PEOPLE affected, as we know first-hand what tornadoes can do...and how He can, somehow, use this for His glory.

In HIS Service,

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Needed Savior

Jesus Christ.  Only Savior, needed Savior...

Savior--I have need of one
as life be so intense!
One to be mine Advocate
should I commit offense;
One to commute the sentence but
already I have earned;
One without malice to approach
when all, my flesh, have spurned!
But only One to humble even
to His final breath.
For the life of me He traded
His Own life for death!
scourging and abuse;
to even bear the cross of shame,
the spirit-man to loose!

Savior--I have need of one
and, oh, desire be
instilled inside the very depths
to taste of victory!
All other to be fleeting, yea,
impostors, every one,
save the Savior, Jesus Christ,
the One Begotten Son!

Savior--the intensity
of love-relationship!
But daily for to shudder, said
reality to grip!
Seeing only darkly until
darkness brings at last
the glories of eternal Presence,
in this life, amassed!

Needed Savior?  Yes.  And DESIRED Savior! 
Jesus Christ is the only Savior I'll ever need...and WANT!
You NEED Him, too!  Don't let anything of this life prevent you from seeking Him!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Blessings on you today. 
So many of you around the world have sent reminders to me of late that the poems and messages God gives to me are a blessing.  Thank you.  But I hope you don't let this devotional or the words of this writer be your sole spiritual food.  The Bible, God's Word, is real.  It's alive!  And though the Lord often gives me a message from one or two verses, I MUST dine upon the WHOLE, entire Word of God--The Bible!
Too many are taking those "one or two verses" and building entire churches or denominations on!  We must have the entire Word of God to know that divine balance that God has designed for us!

In HIS Service,

Monday, April 21, 2014

GOOD Friday!

There are so many things GOOD about today!  The cross is empty, that's Good...

The Cross--what living symbol!
So alive!
Approach it with an open heart
and you will arrive!
Jesus Christ, its former guest,
invites all men to live.
Be alive with Jesus' Blood
and ALL that He can give!

O, the Cross, the living symbol,
know significance!
He took with Him there all the past,
all the relevance,
even all of future did He
satisfy in one--
Jesus Christ, Son of God,
yes, and GOD THE SON!

O The Cross, the mighty Cross!
The Cross of Calvary!
Far more than but a piece of land
attached to history!
No, but History itself-
Jesus, Jesus Christ!
For there, the only One availed,
for ALL was sacrificed!

And He was sacrificed for you!  Yes, YOU!  You need Jesus just as much as I do, and He is available for you, too!  He is ALIVE for you!
Let Him into your heart today.

Triumphal Entry

The crowds are stirring...
Listen to them!  Someone has seen Him...

Here He comes, His Majesty,
behold His royal mount!
The multitudes call out to Him,
"BEHOLD THE KING!" they shout!
Even now the myriads
cry out His holy Name!
Not another is the same!

"Hosanna!  Hosanna,
Hosanna to the King!
Even may the rocks break silence
should nobody sing!
Behold the Son of God Almighty
in our presence here!
Glory to His Majesty!
Holiness revere!

Here He comes, Jesus Christ,
beautiful is He!
Seal your vow unto The master;
praise His Majesty!
Triumphal entry to the heart...
but open yours today!
Allow Him in your innermost,
give Him your every way!

Here He comes...
What are you going to do about it?
Oh, let Him in and belong to Him today! 
He is Jesus...God's Own Son and He wants a relationship with YOU!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Listen to the exclamation!!!
Hear the joy in their voices...

He is alive!!!  He is alive!!
Tell  everyone you see!
Jesus Christ!  He lives!!  The grave
holds no more mystery!
Look!  For it is empty!!  He's been
seen by several here!
And soon He will be seen by ALL
who dare to persevere!

Look how quickly one simple report was spread...and now the whole world knows!
The whole world knows that Jesus is alive.  He can heal our diseases.   He can save us from our sins!
And, soon, He will return for all of them that belong to Him--the Christians!
Yes, Easter is VERY real!  Don't let anything or anyone embezzle you out of The Truth:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week

The week is quiet.
There is plenty of news, but it is quite disheartening.
One Who had promised to deliver is now being delivered to authorities.  In fact, He made quite a few we question their merit now?
He did so many miraculous things while He was here in our seems impossible that death could come upon Him!!
That death could come upon Him...
That death could come upon Him...

Jesus, Jesus--so alive
with living while around...
Were we all not affected by
His life...His touch...His sound?
And now we have Him motionless,
lying in the ground?
What about those words He used?
Is virtue yet not found?

"JESUS, JESUS!!"  oh the heart
and soul and spirit cry!!
We didn't really think You meant it
when You said You would die!
What have we now to cling to?!
Wherein to base our hope?
Who will help us through oppression,
what will help us cope?!"

oh, but Sunday's on its way!
We have The Hope to which we cling
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Jesus, Jesus, only You
can get us through the days!
You alone, Lord, only You
deserve our heartfelt praise!!"

Hope is alive!  The Hope is Jesus!  You & I know the Answer!  We see our way through the days that are, but there is a whole world out there that only sees bunnies and baskets!
Tell someone about Jesus today...everywhere you go!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Under the bridge

In between casts, the writer cannot help but be drawn to the ancient architecture of the bridges that span the popular fishing hole...not so popular today in the 40-degree sunlight!

Pillars that have stood for generations...
secrets therein that remain unknown;
How many are the hands in their erection?
As many are the inspirations sown!
Silent, the remainder of the morning
save the current--by His hand controlled;
that which be suspended by the pillars
is spanning that too deep and way too cold!

Yet again to foster fascination-
"They do not make 'em like that anymore!"
See the craftsmanship in every detail
from the bluffs unto the other shore!
For now, however, listen to the stories;
words--though it be stoic in its pride;
opportunity for any writer
taking time by pillars river-side.

No matter how cold it gets, there be yet a few die-hards out in the current casting away.  Let them.  The writer will yet be taken by the glory of the God's creation...with its signs of industry standing firm!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truer Forgiveness

My son sent me a note this morning asking for a small piece about 'Forgiveness.'  More specifically, Jesus looking down and saying "Father, forgive  them, for they know not what they do."  As I sometimes do, I fired off the first poem that came to mind.  Instantly feeling the conviction of the Lord, I prayed, listened, and hear the Holy Spirit say the following... 

"Father, please forgive them,
they know not what they do..."
An order of such magnitude,
but He makes them brand new.
A prayer of our loving Savior,
but have I a part?
I ask my Father to forgive,
but what about MY heart? 

Of course He will forgive them
and change their wicked ways.
He can even transform them
and turn their words to praise!
But this man has a task, as well, 
I must forgive, too;
for the thief upon the cross
was instant grace anew! 

"Father, please forgive them,
they know not what to do..."
but Lord, forgive me also,
and help me grow in You!
You have already cleansed them of
the wrongs they've done to me,
now give to me Your vision, that
I'll see them as You see." 

I saw the throng as one who had wronged me personally.  That said, I know that Jesus forgives them as soon as they ask...but have I forgiven them?  

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Listen to the crowds!  Hear them as they gather along the route that the donkey travelled!  Join them in their cries...

Enter in with triumph,
the Victor to arrive!
In His His arms
be treasure, so alive!
In His very Blood to be
what no one may provide!
Behold the entrance of The Victor,
on an ass to ride!

The Victor, He is Jesus!
One and Only King!
Even if the crowd be mute,
the very rocks would sing!
He is Jesus--Son of God,
God the very Son!
And in the days that are He'll do
what no one else has done!

Jesus, Jesus--Lord triumphant!
Celebrate him now!
He is Life and Life forever-
seal with Him your vow!
There is not another Lord,
no man, no other name!
Join the crowds as He approaches,
render due acclaim!!


The crowds cry out even today.  But it must also be a personal cry.  It is easy to join in the excitement of the moment, but it is essential to realize that same emotion on a personal level.
Make Him Lord of your salvation today!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April afresh!

Stop!  Look around...slowly...take a deep breath...taste it!

Life anew and everywhere-
April afternoon!
The melody amidst the branches,
beautifully a-tune!
Finally is life alive
and celebrations be!
See His glory in creation,
see His Majesty!
Gone, the challenges of winter,
leave it all behind!
Here, the opportunities
of Spring, so rife to find!
See and hear the songs of all
of living celebrate;
sing unto Creator God,
so generous, so great!
Yea, God--so very glorious,
so wonderful, so real!
There is not a thing at all
that living may conceal!
He knows the life of everything
and orders it anew!
So welcome and so glorious
is Springtime come to view!

Springtime come to view...and what a glorious sight!  Give God the glory!  CREATOR God!  He is so generous, so artistic!  NOTICE Him as you get out into Spring!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The REAL Spirit!

What a blessing it is to fully rely on the Holy Spirit.
What a blessing to fully KNOW that He is THAT reliable!

The glory, o the glory-
see it...hear it...feel!
There is nothing in my day
that is more very real!
Living in the Spirit as
He leads my steps...each one!
Directing even my own heart-
I will not be undone!

The leading of the Spirit,

o the glory real!
As I go about the day,
I will not conceal!
Yet will I exemplify
His attributes and ways;
o the glory of the Spirit-
I will give Him praise!

Holy Ghost...Holy Spirit...

holy, holy real!
O so wonderful His Presence
all the day reveal!
Participating in each work,
each moment to convey!
What a comfort is The Power
our Father sends our way!

Holy Spirit--so real!  So evident in every part of the day as we invite Him, request Him to guide us and comfort us.

I cannot live without Him.  What about you?

First notes

Listen...first thing in the morning...join that song!

O the song of morning in the Spring!

How many are the living things that sing?
The melody, the lyric and the word...
once more, celestial harmony occurred!
Above the noises industry creates,
there is a melody that celebrates.
It is a song--a sonnet so alive!
Join the same; with victory arrive!

O song of living sing!
Bear witness of the Spring;
give glory to the King-
Creator God!

The song, the song of morning o so new!
And perfect to accompany the view!
His wonder and His majesty behold
in scenery--so subtle and so bold,
and in the living witnessed to the heart,
in which, very soon, we'll have a part!
O the song of morning in the Spring-
all of life and living for to sing!

Yes, that glorious song of life.  That life come to life as the newness of Spring begins!  We are so blessed!
Enjoy the life anew and give God the praise and thanksgiving that He so rightly deserves as Creator!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Again, the heartfelt cry of prayer goes out as I look into the face of God...

"O to be more like Him

in all I say and do;
but make the produce of my heart,
o God, to mirror You!
Noble may be my intentions,
even several deeds,
but God, please dwell in me and captain
ALL my wants and needs!
For You know what is best for me-
o teach it to my heart!
Have Your way in all of me,
and make my 'self' depart!
You are God and You are good-
all the ways of You!
O be Yourself and be alive
in ALL I say and do!"

Pray with me again, as I must often express these words so that I can be more like Him than more like the world.


Why is it that we long for that age that is just beyond us...only to regret that we didn't do all that we could or wanted to before?

Once again, looking back--
the pleasure and the pain...
which moments to let go of,
which moments to retain?
How to differentiate...
how to capture "gain?"

Once again to look ahead,
just beyond the reach.
That age that is "far better"
we yearn for and beseech!
Will we learn and appreciate
the blessings "now" would teach?

Finding out "the way it was"
was not bad after all.
I must enjoy the way it is
and heed the current call
lest I should lose what is ahead
should the Reaper stall!

"Enjoy" the days that are?
"Endure" the days that are?
All we know about the future is ________.
So do your best today.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Who do you start your day with...

"Good morning, Holy Spirit,
how are You today?
I so appreciate Your peace
and grace upon display!
Creation, it is singing out
in honor unto You,
giving You the gratitude
and adoration due!

Good morning, o Creator,
You've done it yet once more!
The mountain range afar stands up,
Your Highness to adore!
Austere and so imposing,
yet putty in Your hands;
though majesty and power be
it yields to Your commands!

Good morning, Loving Savior,
You never leave my side!
Right here as, in the Father and
the Spirit, I abide.
You save me, heal me and forgive me
on the Narrow Way;
You laugh with me, You cry with me,
You share all of my day!

Good morning, o good morning
unto You, Three-in-One!
As I abide in You, another
blest day is begun!
I look unto new victories
that You have planned for me
as I cry out for You to make me
all that I can be!"

Father God...Holy Spirit...Jesus Christ.  They are so real, so wonderful!  Make Them an integral part of your day.  Converse with Them.  Enjoy they are right there with you in all that you do!

Anytown, U.S.A.

Open the door.  Look up and down the streets...who are THOSE people?!

Thank You for this city, Father,
thank You for this street;
thank You for these people I am
hesitant to meet.
They are so very beautiful,
You show me with Your eyes;
but God, that blest acquaintance, I
am slow to realize!
They're made, Lord, in Your image,
and I love You so much!
I am directed to reach out,
but I have yet to touch.
What's wrong with me?  Do I really
have You deep inside,
or Father, have I buried You
beneath the fear and pride?

What a blessed city, Lord,
how beautiful, the street!
I WILL heed the Call, my Lord,
my neighborhood to meet!
O God, be so inside of me
that they desire You
when I shake their hands and give
embrace so overdue!"

"Who is my neighbor?"
That question was given to Jesus so many years ago.
It is the same question that He turns to us and asks as we look out over the streets of this city that He has placed us in.
If you are like me, it gives a whole different perspective to the faces that I come in contact with each day.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's that 'feeling' you get when something or someone is upon your heart and you don't know why.
It's that urging you get deep inside that tells you that you need to pray for someone...but you don't know why...

"Upon my heart once more.
This time, Lord, what for?
I cannot see the cause,
but something bids me pause
to lift them up to You-
for You know what to do.
You see the reason that I have concern.
That same reason I may never learn.
But that's the beauty of the Spirit's call-
He fully knows the reason, one and all!

Oh God, You see my brother in his need.
For the same, now, would I intercede.
It's far too great for me to understand,
oh, but it is in the reach of Your great hand!
For nothing, Lord, escapes Your great embrace.
I know this as I see my brother's face.
Releasing Him once more into Your care.
Oh Lord my God, please see he gets Your share.

Pay attention to that leading.  It's Holy Spirit.  He is very alive!
Don't let anything come between you and God when someone is upon your heart.


That is a violent word.
Like it or not however, it is a very necessary part of our lives.  AND, it is THE most vital part of life in Jesus.  For without His Blood, we would be hopeless...

In the Blood--o the power,
o the healing flow;
blessed be, o blessed be
the restoration know!
He is Jesus--o the life
inside the life He shed!
Only in the Blood so living
His compassion said!

Jesus, Jesus, o the Blood,
the power and the grace!
All sickness and disease-
the Crimson Flow is to efface!
Jesus, Jesus! O the Blood,
the power in the same!
Blessed be the crimson flow!
Blessed be The Name!

The Blood, the Blood...o the Blood-
the terror and the Truth!
Only there to gain new birth:
o, blest eternal youth!
Seek the Blood of Jesus for
your soul, your very own-
only then, the Savior's grace
and glory ever known!!

The Blood of Jesus.  Oh, the Blood.
There is healing in no other.
There is salvation in no other.
Yes, it was a violent way to go, but rather than look upon it as such a wretched end, see it as the beautiful and glorious beginning it IS for all who seek Him!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here we go again...

There is a destination afar, but oh the wonder betwixt!

Early morning on a road

appearing not to end.
Straightaways to go forever...
mountains to ascend...
even valleys where is fruit
and lessons to obtain;
early morning on a road,
and very far from "plain."

Another trip to somewhere
in search of the unknown.
One, however, is aware,
our very souls to own!
He even made the morning
on which we set about;
His evidence is everywhere!
And all of life to shout!

How beautiful the morning...
oh, what shall lie ahead?
But it is in the Father's hand
and, by Him, we are led!
He fabricates the morning
and orders all my route.
Early morning on a road
that He knows all about.

Here we go again.
On the way to another doctor appointment.
No answers in the assurance of Father God that He is fully aware of what is and what will be.
That's all I need.

God is Good!!

"You are good...and nothing good do You withhold."
God's Word is replete with awesome assurances of how He will assist us through life and provide.  Have you found this to be true in your own life?

You are good, Almighty God!
And freely You provide
so very much more than that by
these eyes identified!
You are so busy in that place
that mortal cannot see,
busy making things occur
to better such as we!

Busy...and assuring that
all things are done Your way.
Even when our plan would seem
much better in the day.
You are there, superior,
and we don't understand;
even that 'surprising' us
so long ago You planned.

Yes, You are good, Almighty God,
no matter what takes place.
In all of life's 'activities'
sufficient is Your grace!
And I will cling to You alone
in all the days that are,
because I know that Your appearing
is not very far!"

Can you say such words with peace and assurance?
God wants us to be so close to Him that, though this life's situations may rattle and shake, they will not destroy us.
He is good.  Let Him be in all of your life!


Each one of us, whether we like it or not, is following something or someone as we go through this life.  Either now or ago, someone or something has shaped our thinking in such a way that we cling to that as we go through our each day..

What is it I am following?

Who is that ahead?
Who and what will I allow
my living to be led?
Far beyond a number be
that vying for my time;
all the while, would I strive
but higher for to climb.
And, all the while, there be a certain
peace about it all.
At times, I cannot sense it,
or see or hear at all!
Yet He is there, reaching...calling...
cheering us always--
He knows the challenge that exists,
as hectic are the days!

Who is that ahead of me?
I know Him very well!
The attributes that are His own
but surely I can tell.
And He will never get too far
to leave this man behind.
What is it I am following?
The Son of God divine!

It is the prayer of this man that you are following the same One I am!  His Name is Jesus, and there is more than enough room for you...while being room for ONLY you!