Sunday, March 2, 2014


This world is in pursuit of so much...

So many things out in the world-
I'm interested not!
I'd rather serve The Risen Lord
and have what He has got!
The world's treasures--here today
but gone tomorrow, friend;
but what my Savior has for me
will not come to an end!
By the standards of this place
I'm not a wealthy man;
and, by those standards, they can judge me
any way they can.
For I have treasures that they know
not very much about,
that's why I lift my hands to Him
and so, triumphant, shout!
The treasure I've laid up, no moth
or dust could e'er pollute;
nor is there any in this place,
my claim, to so refute!
For it is guarded by the very
One Who died for me
until that day when, my sweet Jesus,
face-to-face, I'll see!

What about you?  Where is your treasure stored up?
I surely hope that you will join me in that Perfect Place!
Know Jesus as your Savior!  Know that treasure that nothing will corrupt!  It's only in JESUS!

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