Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Fountain

Oh, but I know where to go:

Once more to the fountain-
grace and mercy flow.
Jesus is the very Source-
oh, His graces know!
In the fullness of His Presence
I am only there;
in the wonder of Him, though,
but He is everywhere!!

So wonderful the fountain-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
I love You more than anything!
What mercies to afford!
But greater, so much greater than
the blessings You bestow
is the very Presence of You-
more of grace to know!!
The Fountain, oh, the Fountain,

into our lives to pour!
All of me to set aside
and cling to You the more!
Jesus, Jesus, wonderful
and evermore the same!
The Fountain flow eternally,
oh, blessed be The Name!!

Do you have access to Jesus?  YOU CAN!!
It's not complicated.  Humble yourself and call out His Name.  Tell Him what you need.  Yes, He already knows, but He wants to hear it from YOU!  Try Him.  He is more than faithful!

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