Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Busy Day

Early once again.
A long drive ahead.
But even at this hour, His Presence is revealing...explaining...

Softer, every image at this hour;
retaining, all the while, season's power!
In subtlety, I never am alone-
by the day's Creator I am known.

One day at a time explains He more.
Today, He tells me what that bird is for.
So interesting, hearing Him explain.
Such complication, 'come so very plain!

Created in His image at this hour;
charity, tranquility and power-
purposed to dispense and not retain;
replenishing, for certain, be my gain.

One day at a time explains He more.
With everything He is does He restore!
"With everything I am I'll live His way;"
mine affirmation as I start the day.

Yes, a busy day ahead, but I know my steps are ordered, and nothing will happen to day that He is not aware of, and that I cannot handle with Him inside my life.
Join me for the busy day!

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