Sunday, March 23, 2014



March is marching onward...
April to arrive;
o so welcome are the signs
of living come alive!
Opportunities abound,
His handiwork behold!
See the precious subtleties,
see the very bold!

"O come, ye living season,
You're a welcome sight, indeed!
Bring forth every miracle
come from living seed!
Yea, come, ye living season, You're
a welcome sight always!
Satisfy the order of
the Person of our praise!"

Season of new living
come from God above,
given to us freely of
His unconditional love!

Finally!  Winter might be in the past!  Oh, so welcome and beautiful are all the new signs of life...all the birds singing...evidence of SPRING!
Join in the celebration to Him Who is the Bringer of new life:  Father God!

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