Saturday, March 22, 2014


"How can a LOVING God allow this to happen..."
"How can a JUST God allow this to go on..."
"How can THAT remain IF there is a God with ANY emotion at all?!"

So many are the situations
painful in the day.
We do our best...we pray, believe,
but grief becomes our stay.
We look upon the 'accident'
and only see the mess...
but, all the while, GOD'S NOT DEAD,
He will find ways to bless!

I don't know how...I can't explain...
so many are the ways
God Himself to intervene
and, somehow, garner praise!
He knows the pain, He knows the trial,
He knows what has been done,
but somehow He to trump each tool
that seeks to our "undone!"

So many the adversities
our each emotion try,
but GOD'S NOT DEAD, He is at work,
and He will NEVER die!

Again, I can't explain why that happened, how come that is going on, but I KNOW that God is in control and that all things work together for God for them that love Him!
Please continue to trust.  Don't give up.  For no matter how bad it looks, how painful it is, He knows exactly what you are going through, and what to do about it.

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