Sunday, March 30, 2014

Notes in the Breeze

A quiet autumn evening...a long way from home.
Sitting on my son's front porch...listening...several houses away...those voices...THAT SONG!!

The song, the sound of melody
coming from the street;
The Message, it is so alive,
the Spirit, it is sweet!
Harmony, sweet harmony-
no practice is required!
The glory and the majesty-
so desired!

Worship rising from the street,
written in the heart;
orchestrated from above
by Him--how great Thou art!
Hear the voices...hear the verses...
hear the life, so living,
then try to locate every source
of that song so giving!

Invisible unto the eyes,
nonetheless so real!
For there are things, so many things
that NOTHING may conceal!
Like the moving of the Spirit
in the vesper breeze-
easy and as real as
the swaying of the trees!

Lean back...close your eyes...enjoy His song that is so alive...even when you do not know where it is coming from!

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