Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"New every morning"

A brand new morning.
Different?  Of course it is...if you look!

God, so very beautiful,
so visible also!
In the glory of creation,
oh, His proof to know!
See Him in the afternoon-
the storm to formulate...
the power and the wonder of Him,
o so good, so great!

Oh the glory of creation,
someday, it will end;
but for the moment, it resounds
and worship shall ascend!
Worship to the Father, Son
and Spirit-Three-in-One!
"Jesus, Jesus, we exalt You!
Oh, Your will be done!"

In the Name of Jesus
transported I become
into the Presence of The Father-
victory the sum!!
See Him in the beauty and
the glory He contains;
He is God and He is good,
all wonder He retains!

It's different because "...His mercies are new every morning!"  What we must do is force ourselves to stop long enough to see it..to see HIM!
Slow down and enjoy!

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