Monday, March 24, 2014


Another year...counting my much to be thankful for...
So much to be thankful for that...normally...are taken for granted...

"Oh thank You for the vision, Lord,

that I use every day!
With it, I see all the wonder
You provide my way.
With it, I can enjoy the birds
that frolic in the yard;
and see the deer that come to graze
with sense in high regard!

So very grateful for the vision

that would yet remain.
I take it not for granted, Lord,
(to emphasize so plain!)
Too many are the ones so close
whose sight is faint to be;
oh God, help them to see Yourself
in words You give to me!

Thank You.  THANK YOU!  I can see,
yes, even at my age!
I savor Your creation, God,
before You turn the page!
And thank You for that woman You
created as my wife,
she helps me with my senses, Lord,
(though causing her much strife!)

Yes, thank You for these eyes, for they
continue to behold
the glory and the majesty
that Your hands unfold!
Keep them that they may continue
seeing and recording
oh the miracles and works
of Your grace affording!"

"Look" no further for the hand of God at work!  He's right in front of your face!
I am so thankful for His miracles!

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