Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Again, the cry of our hearts to be "How much longer, Lord?"
Truly, we go out and do our best.  Putting our hand to that which God has appointed for us. 
Each life is different. 
Each life has ups and downs...
Yet there is a cry in all who know Him...

"O come, ye day of celebration,
riding on the wind!
O bring the Source of our Salvation-
Paradise descend!
Jesus, Jesus!  Glory, glory!
Heaven, yes, at last!
We exalt You!  Glorify You...
cling to You so fast!

Glory, glory!  Hallelujah!
Jesus--Lord of all!
Containing life and life eternal;
Christ--our Wherewithal!
Split the skies in front of ALL
as trumpets peal away!
Jesus, Jesus--only Rapture!
Day...oh, happy day!

Jesus, Jesus--joy and terror--
day for certain told.
Transfer us to Paradise,
Your glory to behold!
And let there be a number there
that we can recognize
that are results of 'GOD WITH US,'
YOUR life to realize!"

Join us and make that the cry of your heart as we have our hearts set on that glorious time ahead with JESUS!

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