Sunday, March 30, 2014

From the heart...

"Oh God of tender mercies,
no voice escapes Your ear.
Regardless of our muttered words,
to You become they clear.
You take our utterances each
and answer them always;
You hear the cries of every soul,
distinguishing thence praise.

I do not understand again...
but follow I Your lead.
I cannot see the path ahead,
but, Your direction, heed.
I cannot know Your everything,
but, God, I try and trust;
Your ways, for they are "Yea and amen!"
nothing is discussed!

I do not understand, oh Lord,
but such is not required.
I am loved, I am sought,
by You I am desired!
And here am I again, to You
mine everything, to give!
Oh God of tender mercies,
in You I fully live!"

So very grateful am I that God understands the cries of our hearts, and He can make sense of poetic verses that seem to roll out of the heart...even the ones that avoid my understanding.
Sometimes, words are written, and all I can do is trust that they speak to someone.  So are the words for today.
Be blessed.

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