Saturday, March 8, 2014

Creation Song

All creation sings
of all He freely brings.
His gift and His supply
not ANY can deny!

And is the song of morning to
resound of Him always!
It is a verse to last throughout
when fleeting are the days!
It is a melody to cling to
when the day is done;
it is the song of Father,
Holy Spirit and The Son!

"Lord of all creation,
we sing to You always!
You bring to us the morning,
You bring to us the days!
You are the reason that we sing
a song that has no end!
You are our Maker, only Savior,
You are our Best Friend!"

All-creation song.
Find out where YOU belong
and sing with all your heart-
His message to impart!

All creation sings this morning.  It is a song alive with life to Creator God!  Add YOUR voice to that song!  Sing because of (or in spite of) what's going on in your life.  God is so worthy of ALL praise!

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