Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Both Patience

Life happens...again?  No.  Constantly.
And as that life happens, Father God is constantly wooing us to Himself.
In His care, there is incredible protection, which we don't often see until a lot later...

"Though I spoke Your Name in anger,
yet You heard my cry;
though I refused Your precious life,
You wouldn't let me die;
though I ignored Your subtle calls
You gave not up on me;
though many times I ran away,
there did Your Presence be!
My Lord, though I did all of this
Your hand continues on.
Every facet of my life
Your touch, Lord, rests upon.
Though I have tasted of this life
You still call me Your son
and let me savor all the things
Your mighty hands have done!

Through Your perseverance, Lord,
this man is known by You;
through Your patience, oh my God,
I've found salvation true!
And with You, Father, in my life,
Your patience and Your grace,
I will make it to that Day
and so behold Your face!"

What are you doing as God is calling you day-to-day?  Can you hear Him?  See Him?
Take time to listen to Him today.

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