Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amazing Creator!

Once again escaping the phones...
just God and I

Walking through creation-
always to amaze!
See the workings of His hands,
recognize His ways;
no matter the surroundings,
o see Him everywhere!
Regardless of appearance,
all of life is in His care!

Oh, His care--so wonderful,
and all in His great love
showered ever-constantly,
and even from above!
It's due that love that such creation
is even to exist!
Looking everywhere at all,
His Presence can't be missed!

Amazing always be the walk,
God at my very side.
Everywhere at all, His grace
is surely to abide!
Never miss the opportunity
to praise His Name!
Creator God creating-
His glory only claim!

Make that appointment with God and KEEP IT!
If you will set aside the time to be with Him, He will make sure it is...AMAZING!

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