Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Almost Spring!!

Open your eyes...look around...

Escaping is the winter in the hills.
So glorious, the fairness it instills!
The forests and the meadows and the rills
they testify.
The glory and the honor and the praise,
to God alone, all adoration raise!
Producer and Director of the days
is God Most High!
"Mine each and every path decide, direct.
Each and every life about affect.
Oh God, in Your creation, I expect
to be restored!
Talk with me and walk with me beside.
In the hour, God, be glorified!
To stay Your course alone do I decide,
my Risen Lord!"

How can anyone look around at the glory of creation and NOT recognize God?  I don't get it!
I am so thankful that I can still see enough to realize that His hand is still at work all around me!

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