Sunday, March 30, 2014

Notes in the Breeze

A quiet autumn evening...a long way from home.
Sitting on my son's front porch...listening...several houses away...those voices...THAT SONG!!

The song, the sound of melody
coming from the street;
The Message, it is so alive,
the Spirit, it is sweet!
Harmony, sweet harmony-
no practice is required!
The glory and the majesty-
so desired!

Worship rising from the street,
written in the heart;
orchestrated from above
by Him--how great Thou art!
Hear the voices...hear the verses...
hear the life, so living,
then try to locate every source
of that song so giving!

Invisible unto the eyes,
nonetheless so real!
For there are things, so many things
that NOTHING may conceal!
Like the moving of the Spirit
in the vesper breeze-
easy and as real as
the swaying of the trees!

Lean back...close your eyes...enjoy His song that is so alive...even when you do not know where it is coming from!

From the heart...

"Oh God of tender mercies,
no voice escapes Your ear.
Regardless of our muttered words,
to You become they clear.
You take our utterances each
and answer them always;
You hear the cries of every soul,
distinguishing thence praise.

I do not understand again...
but follow I Your lead.
I cannot see the path ahead,
but, Your direction, heed.
I cannot know Your everything,
but, God, I try and trust;
Your ways, for they are "Yea and amen!"
nothing is discussed!

I do not understand, oh Lord,
but such is not required.
I am loved, I am sought,
by You I am desired!
And here am I again, to You
mine everything, to give!
Oh God of tender mercies,
in You I fully live!"

So very grateful am I that God understands the cries of our hearts, and He can make sense of poetic verses that seem to roll out of the heart...even the ones that avoid my understanding.
Sometimes, words are written, and all I can do is trust that they speak to someone.  So are the words for today.
Be blessed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Spring Arrives...

God's creation never ceases to amaze! It never gets old, as witnessed in the words below...

The snow won't be seen
when the mountains turn green
and Spring envelopes the hills.
The sun will be out
drying things out
when Spring reaches the hills.
Rivers will run...
kids will have fun...
animals will abandon their den;
lakes, they will fill
with water from the hill,
and fishing will be once again!
Geese will fly north...
bears will come forth
out of their long hibernation;
and all of the greenery
that will be in the scenery
will bring to my poems inspiration!

It never gets old...
These verses were written almost 40 years ago, as an assignment in school.
Even then, He was revealing his glory to me in ways that continue to bless
and direct.
I sure hope that they speak to you and cause you to see things, creation,
with awe and wonder!

In HIS Service,


Monday, March 24, 2014


Another year...counting my much to be thankful for...
So much to be thankful for that...normally...are taken for granted...

"Oh thank You for the vision, Lord,

that I use every day!
With it, I see all the wonder
You provide my way.
With it, I can enjoy the birds
that frolic in the yard;
and see the deer that come to graze
with sense in high regard!

So very grateful for the vision

that would yet remain.
I take it not for granted, Lord,
(to emphasize so plain!)
Too many are the ones so close
whose sight is faint to be;
oh God, help them to see Yourself
in words You give to me!

Thank You.  THANK YOU!  I can see,
yes, even at my age!
I savor Your creation, God,
before You turn the page!
And thank You for that woman You
created as my wife,
she helps me with my senses, Lord,
(though causing her much strife!)

Yes, thank You for these eyes, for they
continue to behold
the glory and the majesty
that Your hands unfold!
Keep them that they may continue
seeing and recording
oh the miracles and works
of Your grace affording!"

"Look" no further for the hand of God at work!  He's right in front of your face!
I am so thankful for His miracles!

Sunday, March 23, 2014



March is marching onward...
April to arrive;
o so welcome are the signs
of living come alive!
Opportunities abound,
His handiwork behold!
See the precious subtleties,
see the very bold!

"O come, ye living season,
You're a welcome sight, indeed!
Bring forth every miracle
come from living seed!
Yea, come, ye living season, You're
a welcome sight always!
Satisfy the order of
the Person of our praise!"

Season of new living
come from God above,
given to us freely of
His unconditional love!

Finally!  Winter might be in the past!  Oh, so welcome and beautiful are all the new signs of life...all the birds singing...evidence of SPRING!
Join in the celebration to Him Who is the Bringer of new life:  Father God!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


"How can a LOVING God allow this to happen..."
"How can a JUST God allow this to go on..."
"How can THAT remain IF there is a God with ANY emotion at all?!"

So many are the situations
painful in the day.
We do our best...we pray, believe,
but grief becomes our stay.
We look upon the 'accident'
and only see the mess...
but, all the while, GOD'S NOT DEAD,
He will find ways to bless!

I don't know how...I can't explain...
so many are the ways
God Himself to intervene
and, somehow, garner praise!
He knows the pain, He knows the trial,
He knows what has been done,
but somehow He to trump each tool
that seeks to our "undone!"

So many the adversities
our each emotion try,
but GOD'S NOT DEAD, He is at work,
and He will NEVER die!

Again, I can't explain why that happened, how come that is going on, but I KNOW that God is in control and that all things work together for God for them that love Him!
Please continue to trust.  Don't give up.  For no matter how bad it looks, how painful it is, He knows exactly what you are going through, and what to do about it.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Stars glisten as the evening advances...
though a gentle breeze prevails, silence remains...
the glory of God's creation--to all who take the time to look...

Vision is to sharpen in the darkness-
how many are the stars above tonight?
God alone to glorify beholding-
He makes each one so beautiful and bright!
Count them if you can before the moment?
No, no--but take all the time you need!
Enjoy the quiet of the spring nocturnal,
upon His great creation freely feed!

Look outside.
Find somewhere tonight where you can see beyond industry and behold the Father's incredible creation!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Almost Spring!!

Open your eyes...look around...

Escaping is the winter in the hills.
So glorious, the fairness it instills!
The forests and the meadows and the rills
they testify.
The glory and the honor and the praise,
to God alone, all adoration raise!
Producer and Director of the days
is God Most High!
"Mine each and every path decide, direct.
Each and every life about affect.
Oh God, in Your creation, I expect
to be restored!
Talk with me and walk with me beside.
In the hour, God, be glorified!
To stay Your course alone do I decide,
my Risen Lord!"

How can anyone look around at the glory of creation and NOT recognize God?  I don't get it!
I am so thankful that I can still see enough to realize that His hand is still at work all around me!

The Busy Day

Early once again.
A long drive ahead.
But even at this hour, His Presence is revealing...explaining...

Softer, every image at this hour;
retaining, all the while, season's power!
In subtlety, I never am alone-
by the day's Creator I am known.

One day at a time explains He more.
Today, He tells me what that bird is for.
So interesting, hearing Him explain.
Such complication, 'come so very plain!

Created in His image at this hour;
charity, tranquility and power-
purposed to dispense and not retain;
replenishing, for certain, be my gain.

One day at a time explains He more.
With everything He is does He restore!
"With everything I am I'll live His way;"
mine affirmation as I start the day.

Yes, a busy day ahead, but I know my steps are ordered, and nothing will happen to day that He is not aware of, and that I cannot handle with Him inside my life.
Join me for the busy day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Again, the cry of our hearts to be "How much longer, Lord?"
Truly, we go out and do our best.  Putting our hand to that which God has appointed for us. 
Each life is different. 
Each life has ups and downs...
Yet there is a cry in all who know Him...

"O come, ye day of celebration,
riding on the wind!
O bring the Source of our Salvation-
Paradise descend!
Jesus, Jesus!  Glory, glory!
Heaven, yes, at last!
We exalt You!  Glorify You...
cling to You so fast!

Glory, glory!  Hallelujah!
Jesus--Lord of all!
Containing life and life eternal;
Christ--our Wherewithal!
Split the skies in front of ALL
as trumpets peal away!
Jesus, Jesus--only Rapture!
Day...oh, happy day!

Jesus, Jesus--joy and terror--
day for certain told.
Transfer us to Paradise,
Your glory to behold!
And let there be a number there
that we can recognize
that are results of 'GOD WITH US,'
YOUR life to realize!"

Join us and make that the cry of your heart as we have our hearts set on that glorious time ahead with JESUS!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amazing Creator!

Once again escaping the phones...
just God and I

Walking through creation-
always to amaze!
See the workings of His hands,
recognize His ways;
no matter the surroundings,
o see Him everywhere!
Regardless of appearance,
all of life is in His care!

Oh, His care--so wonderful,
and all in His great love
showered ever-constantly,
and even from above!
It's due that love that such creation
is even to exist!
Looking everywhere at all,
His Presence can't be missed!

Amazing always be the walk,
God at my very side.
Everywhere at all, His grace
is surely to abide!
Never miss the opportunity
to praise His Name!
Creator God creating-
His glory only claim!

Make that appointment with God and KEEP IT!
If you will set aside the time to be with Him, He will make sure it is...AMAZING!

Early Presence!

The glorious silence before sunrise.  Have you ever been there?

Before the light the morning is,
and fair beyond a sight!
Variety of wildlife is
and taking great delight!
But listen to the living song-
(invisible so far,)
and give Him praise and glory for
the miracles that are!

God--Creator of the day...
Jesus--Truth and Life and Way...
Holy Spirit--fire and Dove...
Life--it is abounding of!!

So glorious, the day in formation!
Even more so as I enjoy it with Him Who creates it!
Behold it for yourself!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Away from everything I have to be.
Life has had the better part of me.
I know exactly where to go from here;
there is God--immediately near!

In a place I know I can relax;
He understands my heart and all the facts!
Greater, He extends to me a way
unto a better and refreshing day!

What a wonderful location this is!  Have you found it for yourself?  It is no further than deciding to spend time with God the Father!
He knows where you come from.
He knows what you need.
He desires you to find this place often!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Fountain

Oh, but I know where to go:

Once more to the fountain-
grace and mercy flow.
Jesus is the very Source-
oh, His graces know!
In the fullness of His Presence
I am only there;
in the wonder of Him, though,
but He is everywhere!!

So wonderful the fountain-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
I love You more than anything!
What mercies to afford!
But greater, so much greater than
the blessings You bestow
is the very Presence of You-
more of grace to know!!
The Fountain, oh, the Fountain,

into our lives to pour!
All of me to set aside
and cling to You the more!
Jesus, Jesus, wonderful
and evermore the same!
The Fountain flow eternally,
oh, blessed be The Name!!

Do you have access to Jesus?  YOU CAN!!
It's not complicated.  Humble yourself and call out His Name.  Tell Him what you need.  Yes, He already knows, but He wants to hear it from YOU!  Try Him.  He is more than faithful!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Creation Song

All creation sings
of all He freely brings.
His gift and His supply
not ANY can deny!

And is the song of morning to
resound of Him always!
It is a verse to last throughout
when fleeting are the days!
It is a melody to cling to
when the day is done;
it is the song of Father,
Holy Spirit and The Son!

"Lord of all creation,
we sing to You always!
You bring to us the morning,
You bring to us the days!
You are the reason that we sing
a song that has no end!
You are our Maker, only Savior,
You are our Best Friend!"

All-creation song.
Find out where YOU belong
and sing with all your heart-
His message to impart!

All creation sings this morning.  It is a song alive with life to Creator God!  Add YOUR voice to that song!  Sing because of (or in spite of) what's going on in your life.  God is so worthy of ALL praise!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Have you ever cried out like that to God?  Why not?  He can take it.

How deep to be the veil...
how painful be the fail...
the being--oh how frail...

And Jesus is the Answer to
the problem and the pain;
but Jesus is the Answer, yes,
The depth of any situation--
He's already there!
The pain of every loss, for it
is something He would share.

How painful everything--
but He is Best to know!
In that every moment be
His empathy to show.
Right beside You, right inside,
and you in His embrace!
So many are the products of'
His great and awesome grace!

How deep to be the veil...
how painful be the fail...
the being--oh how frail...

Do you need Him?  He's right here...He's right there...
He can handle the questions about what is going on.
He can even handle it if you scream and yell at Him!  He's not going to leave you nor forsake you.
Trust Him.  Cling to Him.  He knows your pain.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Both Patience

Life happens...again?  No.  Constantly.
And as that life happens, Father God is constantly wooing us to Himself.
In His care, there is incredible protection, which we don't often see until a lot later...

"Though I spoke Your Name in anger,
yet You heard my cry;
though I refused Your precious life,
You wouldn't let me die;
though I ignored Your subtle calls
You gave not up on me;
though many times I ran away,
there did Your Presence be!
My Lord, though I did all of this
Your hand continues on.
Every facet of my life
Your touch, Lord, rests upon.
Though I have tasted of this life
You still call me Your son
and let me savor all the things
Your mighty hands have done!

Through Your perseverance, Lord,
this man is known by You;
through Your patience, oh my God,
I've found salvation true!
And with You, Father, in my life,
Your patience and Your grace,
I will make it to that Day
and so behold Your face!"

What are you doing as God is calling you day-to-day?  Can you hear Him?  See Him?
Take time to listen to Him today.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"New every morning"

A brand new morning.
Different?  Of course it is...if you look!

God, so very beautiful,
so visible also!
In the glory of creation,
oh, His proof to know!
See Him in the afternoon-
the storm to formulate...
the power and the wonder of Him,
o so good, so great!

Oh the glory of creation,
someday, it will end;
but for the moment, it resounds
and worship shall ascend!
Worship to the Father, Son
and Spirit-Three-in-One!
"Jesus, Jesus, we exalt You!
Oh, Your will be done!"

In the Name of Jesus
transported I become
into the Presence of The Father-
victory the sum!!
See Him in the beauty and
the glory He contains;
He is God and He is good,
all wonder He retains!

It's different because "...His mercies are new every morning!"  What we must do is force ourselves to stop long enough to see see HIM!
Slow down and enjoy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


This world is in pursuit of so much...

So many things out in the world-
I'm interested not!
I'd rather serve The Risen Lord
and have what He has got!
The world's treasures--here today
but gone tomorrow, friend;
but what my Savior has for me
will not come to an end!
By the standards of this place
I'm not a wealthy man;
and, by those standards, they can judge me
any way they can.
For I have treasures that they know
not very much about,
that's why I lift my hands to Him
and so, triumphant, shout!
The treasure I've laid up, no moth
or dust could e'er pollute;
nor is there any in this place,
my claim, to so refute!
For it is guarded by the very
One Who died for me
until that day when, my sweet Jesus,
face-to-face, I'll see!

What about you?  Where is your treasure stored up?
I surely hope that you will join me in that Perfect Place!
Know Jesus as your Savior!  Know that treasure that nothing will corrupt!  It's only in JESUS!