Saturday, February 8, 2014

ALWAYS with us!

Wednesday afternoon...time dragging on...come on, clock!

Waiting for the weekend...
time with God Most High;
the labors and the duties
soon be done and by;
Nothing then for to distract,
not a thing to sway;
o come ye time just there ahead,
o long we for the day...

Waiting for the weekend
to be with God above;
BUT WAIT!  For He is everywhere
and always with His love!
For there is not a day or time
that He is apart;
see Him, love Him, be with Him,
and love with your whole heart!

Those activities of the weekend may have to wait, but fellowship with God does not!  He is more than just a 'Sunday' God!  Enjoy His Presence all throughout the day, as He never leaves your presence!

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