Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Open Door

Jesus...as evidenced in the glory of creation.
Just look around...He is visible in the beautiful land, and in the beautiful lives that we are involved in.
Don't miss that open door!

Majesty and splendor

yet once again behold!
Though never-ending be His glory,
vision yet be told.
Told unto the vision of
the heart--not ever blind.
Look with great anticipation,
oh, His glory find!

"Your glory and nobility,

Jesus, Jesus Lord!
You are holy, You are worthy,
access You afford!
Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus,
Straight and Narrow Way;
Your beauty and Your reverence-
but what can any say?!

You are the Truth, You are the Life,

You are the only Way!
The majesty and splendor of You,
revelations say!
Here am I, Your servant,
I avail myself once more,
leaving all of me behind-
You are The Open Door!

Walk through that Door!

Don't hold anything back as it is offered to You!  Don't let anything hinder you from that most important invitation.
Jesus is the Open Door.  Go through!

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