Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Living Answer

Before the day begins.  Before anything else is allowed to invade my thought, time is a premium...

Spending precious quiet time
thinking of the Cross.
Pondering what some believe
to be a tragic loss.
Though some believe it was a waste
to mock, to beat and kill,
the Father saw it all for good
to carry out his will.
Had Jesus not gone through it all,
where, then, would lie our hope?
With no forgiveness for our sins
could we then even cope?
Could He relate then if He were
not tempted such as we?
Had He not bore the many stripes,
where would our healing be?
However, He went through it all,
therefore we have a Way:
a Way to answer each temptation
that would come our way;
a Way to handle situations
in this temporal life;
a Way to so escape the pain
brought on by earthly strife!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
He is the only Way!
I'm risen, saved, filled and healed
by all He has to say!
And though some choose to still believe
that my sweet Lord is dead,
I KNOW I serve a God Who is
alive and well instead!!

What a blessing it is to be reminded of Jesus Christ and His fullness as soon as you get up!
Somehow, the issues that are pending don't seem so intimidating.
Somehow, I retain a song within throughout all that comes my way.
Think about Him.

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