Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Battle rages...

Ahhh, rest!
But it doesn't last forever!  We are in a battle, remember?

The enemy, so crafty;
his ways, so very bold!
Even 'subtle' be the tools
in his hand to hold.
He is the master of this world,
defeated, though, is he!
For in the 'Master' of our lives
we have the victory!

Our Savior--o so powerful!
His ways are not our ways!
For He is far superior
and worthy of our praise!
He trumps the craft of enemies
by speaking just a word!
His Name is Jesus--greatest Name
than ever we have heard!

Jesus, Jesus--greater than
the enemy about!
Though he attempts to have his way
the Victor, He will rout!!
His job, it is to lie and steal
and even to destroy,
but in the Name of Jesus, oh,
what triumph we enjoy!!

What triumph we enjoy as we persevere, day by day...moment by moment in the call that He has placed upon our lives.
Don't give up!
I know it hurts, but don't give up!
I know you are weary, but don't give up!
I know you are frustrated, but don't give up!!
The pain, fatigue and frustration are common to all of us, but Jesus has relief!  TRUST HIM!
Press a little while longer...

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