Saturday, February 15, 2014


Nowhere special in the day, my spirit cries out

"I lift mine eyes, Lord, to behold
the wonder that You are...
I raise my arms, Lord, to embrace You-
never from afar!
I magnify and glorify You
as You hold me near-
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus-
Master, Savior dear!

Oh, the wonder I behold, Lord,
looking in Your face!
O the blessing I receive
inside of Your embrace!
The gifting that You are, oh Lord,
but everywhere I turn!
Speak through me, oh, love through me
that every man may learn!"

Yes, one of those moments in the middle of the day when the awesome Presence of God stops you in your tracks!  Are you available for such?  There is nothing else like it!  Look for it.

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