Saturday, February 22, 2014

Security in Him

Spiritual warfare.
It's not a question of IF you will go through it, if you are serving God, it's just a matter of WHEN!
And WHEN that happens, what will you do?

Safe beneath the mighty wing
of Him Who brings the day.
As for living in THIS place,
there is no other way!
Though I have an earthly house,
my home is there on high
being readied just for me
by Him with Whom I fly!
He builds for me a perfect place
to live forevermore
where He'll, my health and happiness,
a hundredfold, restore!
A place to live there by the Throne
of Jesus Christ the King!
Oh, lakes and rivers, lift your voice
as hills and mountains sing!
Soon and very soon, upon a wing,
He will arrive
causing all who bear His Name
to rise and come alive!
To rise with knowledge we ascend
unto a higher ground,
higher standards for our lives
than, here, we've ever found!

Him Who brings the very day
too, brings that Day ahead;
and so we yearn for His return
to be with Him instead!!
No more life imperfect!  No more
"darkly, through a glass..."
and everything corruptible
will, from our beings, pass!!

Yes, there is a time when said warfare will come to an end.  Do you know where you will be when that time comes?
Please ask Jesus to be your Savior!  Repent of your sins and follow His instructions!  He will guide your path and guard you unto that Day and beyond!

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