Saturday, February 22, 2014

Returning from Battle...

The daily grind.
It's not always the "same old, same old..."  Sometimes, it can be quite painful!

In fear and trembling, so I came
unto my Risen Lord,
desiring to have that peace
and confidence restored;
oppressed by worldly forces that
would seek to make me fall,
even by the evil one
who doesn't care at all!

Even as I came, I heard
"My child, enter in.
I know exactly how you feel;
I know where you have been.
My peace, it is sufficient for
the things you have withstood;
enter into what I have-
everything that's good!"

The daily stress, "It doesn't last
forever," says my Lord.
For what I go through in this life
there surely is reward:
contentment and such peace and joy
that this world knoweth not!
I'm grateful, so, that, in His hand,
my very life, He's got!

And He has YOUR life, too!  Trust Him!  Tell Him about your every fear, your every care, your every concern.  Jesus not only knows all about them, He also knows what to do about them!
Trust Him!

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