Monday, February 24, 2014


The week is over.  All that had to be done was done as best as I could.
Sunday...silence in the sanctuary before church begins...before anyone else arrives, actually...

In the quiet, in the moment,
in the Presence of...
there is power...there is glory...
there is awesome Love!
There is Jesus in His splendor,
in His Presence whole!
In the the moment--
seizing all my soul!

In the silence of a moment
so much would He say!
In the glory of His Presence
He reveals a way.
All that would encumber is
released and set aside;
in the Presence of Perfection--
there for to abide!

In the the moment...
Be there for your own!
Belong, belong to Jesus Christ-
be ye fully known!
See His wonder!  See His splendor
in the roaring peace!
Into the perfect rest of Jesus--
oh, your self, release!

Oh, your self, release!
There is nothing preventing you from being in that rest...except for what you will not let go of!  RELEASE IT!  That which He contains is greater than anything offered ANYWHERE else!

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