Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Peace and Comfort

Ahhh...the good life.  Really?
That's how it appears to everyone else, but you know better.

What good is anything I own
if my soul has no peace?
For how can I enjoy this life
if, fear, I can't release?
How can I know true comfort if
I'm anxious in my heart?
Oh, but Jesus Christ is here
to, all these 'things,' impart!

His very peace is in my soul
to help me to enjoy.
When fear has come upon this man
His Name do I employ!
And when I'm anxious in my heart,
His arms, they comfort me,
granting all of this to me
when I just cannot see.

"My peace and comfort, Jesus Christ,
I've no one else but Thee;
And so I rest in Thee, oh Lord,
and know Thy victory.
For nothing rises in this life
that Thou cannot defeat!
I bask, oh Father, in Thy blessing,
oh, so rich and sweet!"

When we are going through trials and life-situations, it seems that 'things' or possessions lose value and importance, especially if we become stressed.  Jesus told us about the importance of them, but He also blessed us with them for our enjoyment.  There are times, however, when even that enjoyment is missing.  At those times, we are to cling to Him all the more, as He has ALL of our times in His hands, and He knows how to navigate us through the pain, frustration and grief to that place we can enjoy again.


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