Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creation this morning

So much evidence of God Creator this morning along the walk.
So many forms of life, all in worship to THE Creator!

Again, the sun to rise.
This time, behind the skies!
Winter to return
with signs to love, to spurn.

So beautiful the morning
with Jesus to enjoy!
Let the wonder seize you
and not a thing annoy.
There is so much that must be done,
but do ye what you can
and take a moment to enjoy
amidst your busy plan!

Beautiful and busy-
so is the early day.
But not a thing too pressing to
ignore the only Way!
And seeing Him amidst the glory
of His great creation-
so very, very fortunate
are we to have relation!

Sun again to rise...
hear creation's sighs!
Know His Presence real:
see Him...hear Him...feel! 

Savor the many signs of His handiwork as you go along.  He is right there with you!
Even converse with Him in prayer as you do.  He loves to hear from you.  From YOU!

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