Saturday, February 22, 2014

Buried in the Past

Like it or not, we have an enemy.
One of his favorite tactics is bringing up things that Jesus has already forgiven and forgotten.
Oh, if we only had that capability!

Though I am in the midst of war,
yet I am set apart...
though turbulence is all around,
yet peace is in my heart!
Though many are the weapons that
have come against this man,
with my head high in victory
can I so boldly stand!

Though fear and accusations come
from what is in my past,
in the Name of Jesus, they're
forever outward cast!
And also, so is the accuser
and his evil host!
I rebuke him as I, in the
Name of Jesus, boast!!

Only in His Mighty Name
will I get by the past.
Buried deep, I've risen up
in victory at last!
Implored to so keep pressing on
to better things in Him,
never looking back upon
the days that were so dim!!

Stop listening to the accuser!  HE IS A LIAR!  You are a child of God.  You are forgiven.  YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!
The next time the enemy reminds you of your past, defy him and remind him of his future!!

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