Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Peace and Comfort

Ahhh...the good life.  Really?
That's how it appears to everyone else, but you know better.

What good is anything I own
if my soul has no peace?
For how can I enjoy this life
if, fear, I can't release?
How can I know true comfort if
I'm anxious in my heart?
Oh, but Jesus Christ is here
to, all these 'things,' impart!

His very peace is in my soul
to help me to enjoy.
When fear has come upon this man
His Name do I employ!
And when I'm anxious in my heart,
His arms, they comfort me,
granting all of this to me
when I just cannot see.

"My peace and comfort, Jesus Christ,
I've no one else but Thee;
And so I rest in Thee, oh Lord,
and know Thy victory.
For nothing rises in this life
that Thou cannot defeat!
I bask, oh Father, in Thy blessing,
oh, so rich and sweet!"

When we are going through trials and life-situations, it seems that 'things' or possessions lose value and importance, especially if we become stressed.  Jesus told us about the importance of them, but He also blessed us with them for our enjoyment.  There are times, however, when even that enjoyment is missing.  At those times, we are to cling to Him all the more, as He has ALL of our times in His hands, and He knows how to navigate us through the pain, frustration and grief to that place we can enjoy again.


The Battle rages...

Ahhh, rest!
But it doesn't last forever!  We are in a battle, remember?

The enemy, so crafty;
his ways, so very bold!
Even 'subtle' be the tools
in his hand to hold.
He is the master of this world,
defeated, though, is he!
For in the 'Master' of our lives
we have the victory!

Our Savior--o so powerful!
His ways are not our ways!
For He is far superior
and worthy of our praise!
He trumps the craft of enemies
by speaking just a word!
His Name is Jesus--greatest Name
than ever we have heard!

Jesus, Jesus--greater than
the enemy about!
Though he attempts to have his way
the Victor, He will rout!!
His job, it is to lie and steal
and even to destroy,
but in the Name of Jesus, oh,
what triumph we enjoy!!

What triumph we enjoy as we persevere, day by day...moment by moment in the call that He has placed upon our lives.
Don't give up!
I know it hurts, but don't give up!
I know you are weary, but don't give up!
I know you are frustrated, but don't give up!!
The pain, fatigue and frustration are common to all of us, but Jesus has relief!  TRUST HIM!
Press a little while longer...

Monday, February 24, 2014


The week is over.  All that had to be done was done as best as I could.
Sunday...silence in the sanctuary before church begins...before anyone else arrives, actually...

In the quiet, in the moment,
in the Presence of...
there is power...there is glory...
there is awesome Love!
There is Jesus in His splendor,
in His Presence whole!
In the the moment--
seizing all my soul!

In the silence of a moment
so much would He say!
In the glory of His Presence
He reveals a way.
All that would encumber is
released and set aside;
in the Presence of Perfection--
there for to abide!

In the the moment...
Be there for your own!
Belong, belong to Jesus Christ-
be ye fully known!
See His wonder!  See His splendor
in the roaring peace!
Into the perfect rest of Jesus--
oh, your self, release!

Oh, your self, release!
There is nothing preventing you from being in that rest...except for what you will not let go of!  RELEASE IT!  That which He contains is greater than anything offered ANYWHERE else!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Security in Him

Spiritual warfare.
It's not a question of IF you will go through it, if you are serving God, it's just a matter of WHEN!
And WHEN that happens, what will you do?

Safe beneath the mighty wing
of Him Who brings the day.
As for living in THIS place,
there is no other way!
Though I have an earthly house,
my home is there on high
being readied just for me
by Him with Whom I fly!
He builds for me a perfect place
to live forevermore
where He'll, my health and happiness,
a hundredfold, restore!
A place to live there by the Throne
of Jesus Christ the King!
Oh, lakes and rivers, lift your voice
as hills and mountains sing!
Soon and very soon, upon a wing,
He will arrive
causing all who bear His Name
to rise and come alive!
To rise with knowledge we ascend
unto a higher ground,
higher standards for our lives
than, here, we've ever found!

Him Who brings the very day
too, brings that Day ahead;
and so we yearn for His return
to be with Him instead!!
No more life imperfect!  No more
"darkly, through a glass..."
and everything corruptible
will, from our beings, pass!!

Yes, there is a time when said warfare will come to an end.  Do you know where you will be when that time comes?
Please ask Jesus to be your Savior!  Repent of your sins and follow His instructions!  He will guide your path and guard you unto that Day and beyond!

Buried in the Past

Like it or not, we have an enemy.
One of his favorite tactics is bringing up things that Jesus has already forgiven and forgotten.
Oh, if we only had that capability!

Though I am in the midst of war,
yet I am set apart...
though turbulence is all around,
yet peace is in my heart!
Though many are the weapons that
have come against this man,
with my head high in victory
can I so boldly stand!

Though fear and accusations come
from what is in my past,
in the Name of Jesus, they're
forever outward cast!
And also, so is the accuser
and his evil host!
I rebuke him as I, in the
Name of Jesus, boast!!

Only in His Mighty Name
will I get by the past.
Buried deep, I've risen up
in victory at last!
Implored to so keep pressing on
to better things in Him,
never looking back upon
the days that were so dim!!

Stop listening to the accuser!  HE IS A LIAR!  You are a child of God.  You are forgiven.  YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!
The next time the enemy reminds you of your past, defy him and remind him of his future!!

Returning from Battle...

The daily grind.
It's not always the "same old, same old..."  Sometimes, it can be quite painful!

In fear and trembling, so I came
unto my Risen Lord,
desiring to have that peace
and confidence restored;
oppressed by worldly forces that
would seek to make me fall,
even by the evil one
who doesn't care at all!

Even as I came, I heard
"My child, enter in.
I know exactly how you feel;
I know where you have been.
My peace, it is sufficient for
the things you have withstood;
enter into what I have-
everything that's good!"

The daily stress, "It doesn't last
forever," says my Lord.
For what I go through in this life
there surely is reward:
contentment and such peace and joy
that this world knoweth not!
I'm grateful, so, that, in His hand,
my very life, He's got!

And He has YOUR life, too!  Trust Him!  Tell Him about your every fear, your every care, your every concern.  Jesus not only knows all about them, He also knows what to do about them!
Trust Him!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Living Answer

Before the day begins.  Before anything else is allowed to invade my thought, time is a premium...

Spending precious quiet time
thinking of the Cross.
Pondering what some believe
to be a tragic loss.
Though some believe it was a waste
to mock, to beat and kill,
the Father saw it all for good
to carry out his will.
Had Jesus not gone through it all,
where, then, would lie our hope?
With no forgiveness for our sins
could we then even cope?
Could He relate then if He were
not tempted such as we?
Had He not bore the many stripes,
where would our healing be?
However, He went through it all,
therefore we have a Way:
a Way to answer each temptation
that would come our way;
a Way to handle situations
in this temporal life;
a Way to so escape the pain
brought on by earthly strife!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
He is the only Way!
I'm risen, saved, filled and healed
by all He has to say!
And though some choose to still believe
that my sweet Lord is dead,
I KNOW I serve a God Who is
alive and well instead!!

What a blessing it is to be reminded of Jesus Christ and His fullness as soon as you get up!
Somehow, the issues that are pending don't seem so intimidating.
Somehow, I retain a song within throughout all that comes my way.
Think about Him.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Nowhere special in the day, my spirit cries out

"I lift mine eyes, Lord, to behold
the wonder that You are...
I raise my arms, Lord, to embrace You-
never from afar!
I magnify and glorify You
as You hold me near-
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus-
Master, Savior dear!

Oh, the wonder I behold, Lord,
looking in Your face!
O the blessing I receive
inside of Your embrace!
The gifting that You are, oh Lord,
but everywhere I turn!
Speak through me, oh, love through me
that every man may learn!"

Yes, one of those moments in the middle of the day when the awesome Presence of God stops you in your tracks!  Are you available for such?  There is nothing else like it!  Look for it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Open Door evidenced in the glory of creation.
Just look around...He is visible in the beautiful land, and in the beautiful lives that we are involved in.
Don't miss that open door!

Majesty and splendor

yet once again behold!
Though never-ending be His glory,
vision yet be told.
Told unto the vision of
the heart--not ever blind.
Look with great anticipation,
oh, His glory find!

"Your glory and nobility,

Jesus, Jesus Lord!
You are holy, You are worthy,
access You afford!
Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus,
Straight and Narrow Way;
Your beauty and Your reverence-
but what can any say?!

You are the Truth, You are the Life,

You are the only Way!
The majesty and splendor of You,
revelations say!
Here am I, Your servant,
I avail myself once more,
leaving all of me behind-
You are The Open Door!

Walk through that Door!

Don't hold anything back as it is offered to You!  Don't let anything hinder you from that most important invitation.
Jesus is the Open Door.  Go through!

Creation this morning

So much evidence of God Creator this morning along the walk.
So many forms of life, all in worship to THE Creator!

Again, the sun to rise.
This time, behind the skies!
Winter to return
with signs to love, to spurn.

So beautiful the morning
with Jesus to enjoy!
Let the wonder seize you
and not a thing annoy.
There is so much that must be done,
but do ye what you can
and take a moment to enjoy
amidst your busy plan!

Beautiful and busy-
so is the early day.
But not a thing too pressing to
ignore the only Way!
And seeing Him amidst the glory
of His great creation-
so very, very fortunate
are we to have relation!

Sun again to rise...
hear creation's sighs!
Know His Presence real:
see Him...hear Him...feel! 

Savor the many signs of His handiwork as you go along.  He is right there with you!
Even converse with Him in prayer as you do.  He loves to hear from you.  From YOU!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seasonal views...

Brilliance of the snow
sun upon to glow;
glorious the sight-
beautiful and bright!

so many would proclaim.
But slow down in your living
to find what God be giving.

Contrasts so alive-
in both would God arrive
continuing the love
that He is replete of.

Winter must be.
No matter how bad it gets, we are all in this together.  This is something I had to learn, coming from a place that only had two seasons each year.
Why not try to look past your situation and try to see what God may be doing?  You might be surprised to discover how beautiful it might be.

ALWAYS with us!

Wednesday afternoon...time dragging on...come on, clock!

Waiting for the weekend...
time with God Most High;
the labors and the duties
soon be done and by;
Nothing then for to distract,
not a thing to sway;
o come ye time just there ahead,
o long we for the day...

Waiting for the weekend
to be with God above;
BUT WAIT!  For He is everywhere
and always with His love!
For there is not a day or time
that He is apart;
see Him, love Him, be with Him,
and love with your whole heart!

Those activities of the weekend may have to wait, but fellowship with God does not!  He is more than just a 'Sunday' God!  Enjoy His Presence all throughout the day, as He never leaves your presence!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life with Father

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!"

How valuable, the Presence of
my Father and my Friend.
He tells me our relationship
shall not come to an end!
For even in that moment that
this life shall not go on,
He'll know me then forever as,
eternity, I don!

Yes, forever with my Father
in that perfect place.
Not a thing at all to bother-
we will there embrace!
Come with me!  For there is room
with Him for even you!
Ask Jesus Christ into Your heart
for Life and life anew!

Jesus Christ.  Eternal life.  Abundant life in this place until then!   Even life anew every day before That Day!  Enjoy His Presence!