Saturday, January 11, 2014


So many duties of the week,
now all of them are done.
Again to spend some precious time
with One and only One!
Jesus, only Jesus,
Master, Savior, friend,
He is still beside me as
the week comes to an end.
And every issue of the day
(and all that would amass,)
they are set aside and I
enjoy the time to pass.
What a sweet escape have I:
the company of God!
He spends time with me while knowing
I am very flawed!

The week--it may have come to end,
but Jesus--Master, Savior, Friend
is always able to abide;
That visit, oh, so satisfied!!

Jesus, with me through the week, helping get things done.  And now Jesus, right here with me as I relax.  Jesus is wanting to help you through those duties, jobs, assignments.  He is MORE than able!  But don't forget to welcome Him and include Him in those things that you do in your spare time.  He wants to enjoy them with you, too!

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