Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Too Precious!"

Is that how you feel about your day?
Each one of us is given the exact same amount of time each day.
What do you do with yours?

I dare not squander this day's time
with yester's reason, yester's rhyme;
too precious are the moments nigh
than anything already by!

And in the very 'always' of
my Father's blest embrace,
the 'here and now' are so much less
than the harried race!
Every moment with the Father
savor and enjoy;
give no place to ANY issue
that would seek 'annoy!'

O so glorious the 'now'
inside the Presence of
God Almighty, God the Father,
only Perfect Love!
Cling to Him!  Savor Him!
Let nothing interfere
with God--o so much more than time-
so holy and sincere!

This day's time, it is a gift.
All gratitude, therefore, to lift
unto Father God of love-
below, around, inside, above!

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