Sunday, January 5, 2014

The storm begins...

There be no sign of letting up.
the snow continues yet...
Another blast of winter,
the Ozark hills to get!
God Creator does, however,
spend His time about
seeing to the majesty
of which the land would shout!

Yet another coat of glory
fall upon the land...
one more opportunity
to see His waving hand...
once more in the Presence of
a Love that would protect,
all the while creating beauty...
what does life expect?!

The glory and the majesty
again...but yet anew?
Part of that great mystery
of God to me and you.
Worship Him...give Him glory...
worthy is the Lord!
To such as we, His blest creation
once more to afford.

The glory of God's creation.  The very moving of His hand.
Sure, it can be dangerous.  Yes, it can be deadly.  Right now, however, it is very beautiful, and I will praise Him for the abundance of His grace.
You with me?

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