Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That Bounty

"God provides."
I know you have heard that before, even if you only read this devotional!  But have you discovered that truth for your own life?

Oh, to witness yet again
the fishes and the bread.
Regardless of the multitudes,
everybody fed!
Again, assurance unto spirit
"My lot, it is such."
Again to mind that all that comes
is of His loving touch.
Precious reassurance of
a bounty ever-blessed,
though, at times, accepting such:
a maturing test.
"Bounty that I cannot see,
in Thee I further trust!
A rash dependency upon You-
certainly a must!"
And the Keeper of that bounty,
Father God by Name;
further affirmation that
I ever have a claim!

God is so good!
He owns everything and He shares it with us.
Become His and know That Bounty for yourself!

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