Friday, January 3, 2014

Morning Cry

Glory of creation rises,
life continues on...
while Life remains "invisible"
in very early dawn.
As the land receives the light
he ordered long ago,
another order yet continues
where man cannot know!
In Heaven's realm there is a life
so far above our own!
The working of the Father, Son
and Spirit there be known.
For we can only see a glimpse
of what is going on,
but soon will be revealed to us
a time that's NEVER gone!

Jesus--He is our assurance
of that life eterne!
To take us to that place beyond
He said He would return.
All that have Him in their hearts
residing as their King--
this land is their inheritance,
a new song they will sing!

"O Glory of creation on the rise,
we shall live in truth before Your eyes!
Your ways, above our ways, shall be our goal.
O Father, Son and Spirit take control!"

Life goes on...but God knows all about it!  He is well aware of what is going on, regardless of how things appear.  Turn to Him this morning.  Invite Him to direct your steps and participate in all that will happen in your day.  It will change your life.

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