Saturday, January 18, 2014


Oh, the grace of God.
The mercy of the Father and the willingness of Jesus.
Through the mass complexity and volumes of words He's given me, the most simple are still the most beautiful...

My debt, it isn't anymore,
for Jesus paid it all!
Concerning it, my holy Father
says He can't recall!
Oh hallelu, that burden there
upon my shoulders known,
Christ the Lord reached out to me
and took it as His own!
And what shall be the restitution
for what He has done?
It only be obedience
to Jesus Christ the Son!
Yea, greater than the sacrifice,
so clearly I can see,
is that I follow every word
He's written unto me.

My debt, it is no longer, for
the Savior paid it all!
Not another could suffice,
none had the wherewithal!
Oh glory hallelujah! 
He's forgiven all my sin!
And victory is all I see
as I am Born Again!

And you?  Are you born again?  You can be!  The offer never expires as long as you're alive!
Don't let ANYTHING embezzle you out of that new life!

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