Monday, January 13, 2014

Here first

The fog is early to greet me this new day, but God was here first!
The sun is not yet smiling at me due to the mist, but God already is, and no matter how thick the dew is, no matter how long it lingers, God remains and is smiling at me, laughing with me and directing my every step.
Let Him do the same for you!

"Early yet once more..."
never, though, to bore!
God, (and so immense!)
comes though the fog, so dense.
Always at His speed.
There be not any need
to hurry or to slow
as, all things, does He know.
He knew the morning dew,
the day does He know, too!
Rest in Him and live-
abundance He to give!

Those on the coast where I grew up know this.  The lakes and rivers here do the same.  (DEW the same?) 
Stand back and enjoy His blest creation.
Slow down and enjoy His blest creation.
You have to slow down to get through the fog, why not see His hand print in the same?

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