Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elements of Life!

The Body and the Blood...
"This do in remembrance of Me."

Life to once again approach us,
Life...and so alive!!
In the Blood and in the Body,
I am living and I thrive!
Take it deep, so deep within me-
know Truth--so new and whole!
Glory, thanks and praise unto Him,
Him Who has complete control!

Life to once again approach us;
we, the Body, take the same!
Jesus, Jesus...ONLY Jesus,
glory, praise and laud His Name!
Not another dare approach!
There is NOTHING anywhere
that may hinder or encroach!

Life to once again and always
be in Jesus Christ alone!
In the vision, in the essence,
He is come, yes, He is known!
Cling to Him like not another,
savor that secure embrace!
"Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,
wrap us in Your perfect grace!"

Oh, the perfect Life that Jesus is!  Let us want, desire, strive for no less than pleasing Him and having His fullness in, around and through us constantly!!

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