Wednesday, January 22, 2014


All alone...really?
God beside me, inspiring verse.  What will be today's muse?

In a cubicle, my craft I practice;
Here to start and terminate a thought.
However, as I stain the ivory pages,
Note the very walls, for they are not!
As I pursue the passion with a pencil,
A transport ‘yond the cubicle have I!
‘Yond the walls?  But who could set the limit?
Him Who knows the ending of the sky!
And, of Him and His ways, my thoughts be stellar!
My Father, my Redeemer and my Friend;
Mine Educator in the verses written,
Mine Inspiration for that yet unpinned!
To Him, all praise and honor is ascending
From the depths, out of this place I write,
As I train for that which is forthcoming
The fountain in my hand’s yet to recite!

And what is that inside of your heart crying to get out?  Write it down!  Don't let that which is inspired go unrecorded.  Someone is out there waiting to be blessed.

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