Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Elements...

The storm again to rage...what shall be?
In spite of the effects, blessed truths are unshakable...

Sheltered from the blast
treasures are amassed.
Greater treasure stored
within and with the Lord!

So many are the benefits
and blessings of belonging!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me-
for His side am I longing!
And in that place where we shall spend
eternity and more
all that He has promised
He will give, He will restore!

So often is the blast,
but one will be the last!
"O come, Ye, Lord so due!
For we belong to You!"

Stand firm, ye saints!  For God has not given us a spirit of fear...no matter how bad things look! 
Stand firm.


What comes to mind at such an exclamation?
But wait.  Look up...

Rodents flying through the air,
jumping trees without a care;
with ease to run each branch and bough...
it does no good to question how!
Again so grand be God's creation
as one looks around;
His glory and His signature
so easily be found!
Even in simplicity
that most may overlook
you can see that such great care,
for such as we, He took!

On the land or in the air
God--He takes such awesome care
of ALL that we can know and see!
His child, I am so blessed to be!!

So entertaining are the squirrels as they scamper about!  So unbelievable are their antics in the treetops!  So wonderful is God to create such respites throughout the day.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Morning Phases...

Morning getting darker as
the minutes roll along...
gone, the early sunbeams that
sang out their glory song!
Soon, the frigid flurries we
have heard about for days...
regardless, all creation sings
His glory and His praise!

"Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!"
Sing, ye living, sing!
Morning is.  A brand new song
of adoration bring!
Without the light, illumination-
it can be the voice!
Light the day up as you worship,
and as you rejoice!

Dark of morn affecting not
as the storms impend;
illumination have I got
in Jesus, Savior, Friend.

Jesus...the Light of day...the Light of...WHENEVER!  The constancy of His glory is not affected by time.  Enjoy Him at all times!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Cry out with me...

"I want to live, Lord, at the pace
that You have set for me.
Oh Father, such a frantic race,
this living, it can be!
For You move at a speed that this life
cannot understand;
for You are greater than this world
and its each demand!

Oh, to live, Lord, at that pace
that garners such reward!
Working with You as the Boss-
what riches to afford!
The greatest, though: Your Presence in
mine each and every deed;
You are great and mighty, God,
You cause me to succeed!

I want to live, I want to live!
And, Lord, I live in You!
So many wonders are, my Lord,
in what we have to do.
What life!  What life is in You every
moment of the day!
So simple, having You, my Lord,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

God is so good, and if we submit to His lead, we could know that goodness in the form of wonderful balance.  Is that a desire of your heart in the world we live in?


All alone...really?
God beside me, inspiring verse.  What will be today's muse?

In a cubicle, my craft I practice;
Here to start and terminate a thought.
However, as I stain the ivory pages,
Note the very walls, for they are not!
As I pursue the passion with a pencil,
A transport ‘yond the cubicle have I!
‘Yond the walls?  But who could set the limit?
Him Who knows the ending of the sky!
And, of Him and His ways, my thoughts be stellar!
My Father, my Redeemer and my Friend;
Mine Educator in the verses written,
Mine Inspiration for that yet unpinned!
To Him, all praise and honor is ascending
From the depths, out of this place I write,
As I train for that which is forthcoming
The fountain in my hand’s yet to recite!

And what is that inside of your heart crying to get out?  Write it down!  Don't let that which is inspired go unrecorded.  Someone is out there waiting to be blessed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dusk above

Look!  Out across the western sky...

Panorama of the even,
yet reflecting light;
ample canvas for the planes
in stratosphere, to write!
The sky--is it any bigger
than another place?
But measureless before me as
I look into God's face!

And God--for He looks back at me,
in glory would He smile,
causing living to abound
and celebrate awhile;
Celebrating Him--for He
is worthy of it all...
see Him...touch Him...hear His voice...
listen to Him call!

In the glory of the even
God--He is so real!
Look for Him, His glory Presence
He will not conceal!

Look for Him.  I promise that You will find Him if you want to and make the time to!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Too Precious!"

Is that how you feel about your day?
Each one of us is given the exact same amount of time each day.
What do you do with yours?

I dare not squander this day's time
with yester's reason, yester's rhyme;
too precious are the moments nigh
than anything already by!

And in the very 'always' of
my Father's blest embrace,
the 'here and now' are so much less
than the harried race!
Every moment with the Father
savor and enjoy;
give no place to ANY issue
that would seek 'annoy!'

O so glorious the 'now'
inside the Presence of
God Almighty, God the Father,
only Perfect Love!
Cling to Him!  Savor Him!
Let nothing interfere
with God--o so much more than time-
so holy and sincere!

This day's time, it is a gift.
All gratitude, therefore, to lift
unto Father God of love-
below, around, inside, above!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Oh, the grace of God.
The mercy of the Father and the willingness of Jesus.
Through the mass complexity and volumes of words He's given me, the most simple are still the most beautiful...

My debt, it isn't anymore,
for Jesus paid it all!
Concerning it, my holy Father
says He can't recall!
Oh hallelu, that burden there
upon my shoulders known,
Christ the Lord reached out to me
and took it as His own!
And what shall be the restitution
for what He has done?
It only be obedience
to Jesus Christ the Son!
Yea, greater than the sacrifice,
so clearly I can see,
is that I follow every word
He's written unto me.

My debt, it is no longer, for
the Savior paid it all!
Not another could suffice,
none had the wherewithal!
Oh glory hallelujah! 
He's forgiven all my sin!
And victory is all I see
as I am Born Again!

And you?  Are you born again?  You can be!  The offer never expires as long as you're alive!
Don't let ANYTHING embezzle you out of that new life!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That Bounty

"God provides."
I know you have heard that before, even if you only read this devotional!  But have you discovered that truth for your own life?

Oh, to witness yet again
the fishes and the bread.
Regardless of the multitudes,
everybody fed!
Again, assurance unto spirit
"My lot, it is such."
Again to mind that all that comes
is of His loving touch.
Precious reassurance of
a bounty ever-blessed,
though, at times, accepting such:
a maturing test.
"Bounty that I cannot see,
in Thee I further trust!
A rash dependency upon You-
certainly a must!"
And the Keeper of that bounty,
Father God by Name;
further affirmation that
I ever have a claim!

God is so good!
He owns everything and He shares it with us.
Become His and know That Bounty for yourself!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Here first

The fog is early to greet me this new day, but God was here first!
The sun is not yet smiling at me due to the mist, but God already is, and no matter how thick the dew is, no matter how long it lingers, God remains and is smiling at me, laughing with me and directing my every step.
Let Him do the same for you!

"Early yet once more..."
never, though, to bore!
God, (and so immense!)
comes though the fog, so dense.
Always at His speed.
There be not any need
to hurry or to slow
as, all things, does He know.
He knew the morning dew,
the day does He know, too!
Rest in Him and live-
abundance He to give!

Those on the coast where I grew up know this.  The lakes and rivers here do the same.  (DEW the same?) 
Stand back and enjoy His blest creation.
Slow down and enjoy His blest creation.
You have to slow down to get through the fog, why not see His hand print in the same?

Saturday, January 11, 2014


So many duties of the week,
now all of them are done.
Again to spend some precious time
with One and only One!
Jesus, only Jesus,
Master, Savior, friend,
He is still beside me as
the week comes to an end.
And every issue of the day
(and all that would amass,)
they are set aside and I
enjoy the time to pass.
What a sweet escape have I:
the company of God!
He spends time with me while knowing
I am very flawed!

The week--it may have come to end,
but Jesus--Master, Savior, Friend
is always able to abide;
That visit, oh, so satisfied!!

Jesus, with me through the week, helping get things done.  And now Jesus, right here with me as I relax.  Jesus is wanting to help you through those duties, jobs, assignments.  He is MORE than able!  But don't forget to welcome Him and include Him in those things that you do in your spare time.  He wants to enjoy them with you, too!


Land so very white;
sky so black and white;
early, early day...
Jesus Christ, The Way!

As I listen to instruction,
He reveals so much;
as I view the vast creation
I can feel His touch!
Communication is as we
together see the land;
awe and spectacle arise
as He moves His hand!
Land, much more than white!
Oh, what great delight
in His visitation:
God and His creation!

Lost again this morning in the workings of His hand!  So evident Father God is as I pause for only Him.  And He is so good!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elements of Life!

The Body and the Blood...
"This do in remembrance of Me."

Life to once again approach us,
Life...and so alive!!
In the Blood and in the Body,
I am living and I thrive!
Take it deep, so deep within me-
know Truth--so new and whole!
Glory, thanks and praise unto Him,
Him Who has complete control!

Life to once again approach us;
we, the Body, take the same!
Jesus, Jesus...ONLY Jesus,
glory, praise and laud His Name!
Not another dare approach!
There is NOTHING anywhere
that may hinder or encroach!

Life to once again and always
be in Jesus Christ alone!
In the vision, in the essence,
He is come, yes, He is known!
Cling to Him like not another,
savor that secure embrace!
"Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,
wrap us in Your perfect grace!"

Oh, the perfect Life that Jesus is!  Let us want, desire, strive for no less than pleasing Him and having His fullness in, around and through us constantly!!

The Same anew...

Oh, thank You for the changes, Lord,
that only You can make.
I see them in so many things,
the trouble that You take.
In that which I have prayed about
I clearly see Your touch
in the lives of those I love,
o, thank You very much!
So many, Lord, delivered,
saved and filled and healed!
The seeking, Lord, have found the answer
unto them revealed!
The lonely have You now, and thus
are squandering no more!
Oh, thank You for the ways You change,
deliver and restore!

"God is the SAME yesterday, today and forever..."
We have heard it for years...we have been taught it since early on...yet I find Him NEW every morning, and His changes are always refreshing!
Oh, the sweet mysteries of Jesus!

Continuous Affair

Falling in love with Jesus again-
oh, what a beautiful place!
Finding Him always at home in His house-
love, liberation and grace!
Loving Him ever in so many ways,
He is so worthy always!
Falling in love with Jesus my Friend,
giving Him honor and praise!
"Falling in love all over again..." 

If it can happen to you with people in this life, why not with Jesus?  The Word declares that He is newer every morning, and His love for us is constant.  Why not try and express to Him your love in ways that are new to you?
Think about it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Weather or not

The morning after...again.
As I look out to survey that damage, it looks beautiful!

In the billows, in the blast,
His strong arms they hold me fast;
In the wind and in the wave,
His strong arms protect and save;
In the after of it all
I can hear Him clearly call!
In the land and sky and sea
oh, so very faithful He!

Yes, God is so faithful, and is right here and right there helping us recover.  Who is helping you?  Can the one that you are asking help of hold you in His arms and cover you with His hand?
God is able to be everything you need in ALL situations...regardless of the weather!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The storm begins...

There be no sign of letting up.
the snow continues yet...
Another blast of winter,
the Ozark hills to get!
God Creator does, however,
spend His time about
seeing to the majesty
of which the land would shout!

Yet another coat of glory
fall upon the land...
one more opportunity
to see His waving hand...
once more in the Presence of
a Love that would protect,
all the while creating beauty...
what does life expect?!

The glory and the majesty
again...but yet anew?
Part of that great mystery
of God to me and you.
Worship Him...give Him glory...
worthy is the Lord!
To such as we, His blest creation
once more to afford.

The glory of God's creation.  The very moving of His hand.
Sure, it can be dangerous.  Yes, it can be deadly.  Right now, however, it is very beautiful, and I will praise Him for the abundance of His grace.
You with me?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Morning Cry

Glory of creation rises,
life continues on...
while Life remains "invisible"
in very early dawn.
As the land receives the light
he ordered long ago,
another order yet continues
where man cannot know!
In Heaven's realm there is a life
so far above our own!
The working of the Father, Son
and Spirit there be known.
For we can only see a glimpse
of what is going on,
but soon will be revealed to us
a time that's NEVER gone!

Jesus--He is our assurance
of that life eterne!
To take us to that place beyond
He said He would return.
All that have Him in their hearts
residing as their King--
this land is their inheritance,
a new song they will sing!

"O Glory of creation on the rise,
we shall live in truth before Your eyes!
Your ways, above our ways, shall be our goal.
O Father, Son and Spirit take control!"

Life goes on...but God knows all about it!  He is well aware of what is going on, regardless of how things appear.  Turn to Him this morning.  Invite Him to direct your steps and participate in all that will happen in your day.  It will change your life.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh, and New Again!

Oh, never be the 'same old thing!'
with Jesus Christ, my Lord and King!
Anew be every single day
in Him--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Yes, newer, as the Scriptures say,
those mercies that so far outweigh
anything provided by
this world or those who occupy!

Mercy, oh my Lord and King.
Of it, shall I ever sing
until I have within my sights
that Heaven whence my soul delights!

Oh, but until, until then
I shall exemplify to men
the joy that I so harbor deep
and its attributes I reap!"

"Happy New Year!"
All of the things that I would wish for or desire you to have as we start another year are all in Jesus Christ!  In Him is the fullness of God...and all that you need for a healthy and prosperous new year!