Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Soon

In the stillness...in the silence...

Walking slowly in the solitude
on Prairie Lane...
Scarce is my vocabulary
able to explain!
The aspen on mine either side-
so very tall to grow-
bid autumntide "Adieu" as they
emit a golden glow!
All the other members of
the sentinels around
are making preparations for
the time to soon be found.
All of them to shed their glory
save the evergreen,
the only ones to weather that
which may not be serene!

Oh, the beauty and the wonder
as it comes to pass.
All of it a blessed reminder
to a hurried mass
of blessings of simplicity,
of gifts without a cost,
of reaping treasures with the eyes
before the moment's lost.

The tail-end of autumn.
The vestiges of one glory making way for another.
See and know the proof of His Presence...even in the wonders of creation!

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