Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Show

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...
He is and was and ever shall be, no matter what the weather does!

Winter be upon the land.
Sunlight would attempt to stand,
but, on a late, December morn
snow clouds all alone be born!
None of them to be 'just talk,'
as evidenced upon the walk
and carried, oh-so-gently, by
the ever-present Norther Sigh.

"Oh winter, entertain us so.
Your wonder we would truly know.
In the the blast...
your impression sure be cast!
In giving thanks for everything,
of your glories, all would sing
in the season of The King
Who bringeth life to everything!"

Celebrate The King--JESUS!
Yes, even in the worst of elements, He remains King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Give Him the honor so due!

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